Another Obama Foreign Policy Mistake!

Obama's Mideast policy can be classified as disaster jointly administered by John Kerry, who shows why the voters were right to reject him in 2004, and Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state, who left office before her policy misjudgment became evident.

What is amazing is that Obama's foreign policy team was warned of this possibility, but there was no contingency plans ready, nor was Obama prepared to arm the Kurds who are presently out match by Isis armory, much of which stolen from the Iraqi’s army.

Obama unleashed air power, or I should say he launched some air power, but he has failed to do what is truly needed, arm the Kurds who are willing to defend their homes. But then this has been a week in which our allies in the region have found Obama’s America to be an undependable ally and the Kurds, who have suffered through many of betrayals, have been betrayed again.

Israel found out as well that while the Obama administration's refrain is “Israel has a right to defend themselves,” Obama undermined much of the diplomacy by Egypt that favored Israel and instead supported efforts to give Hamas all that Hamas wanted. Supposedly, Netanyahu told Obama and Kerry, “Don’t ever second guess me again,” after a Hamas took ninety minutes to violate one of the cease-fires.

Obama has ignored what is happening on the ground, and who knows what John Kerry is thinking or not thinking. Saudi Arabia and Egypt are essentially supporting Israel against Hamas as they are forming their own alliances against the Iran-led axis of evil, which includes Hamas. Instead of working with what is on the ground, Obama/Kerry simply played to the international crowd of equating Israel with Hamas.

As for Iraq as Ralph Peters on Fox noted, it no longer exists. The Kurds have been one of our allies and Kurds that stands on its own will be United States allies provided of course they can survive the ISIS attacks. But then Ralph Peters noted, “In a world full of wolves, Obama chases the unicorn.” This phrase sums up Obama’s inability to see the world as it is.


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