The Anti-Gun Frenzy: Let's Target Law Abiding Owners And The NRA?

Social conservative leader, Gary Bauer's comments on the latest mass shooting are worth a read. A few points in public opinion polls as to why - 57% of adults say it's about complexities involving mental health treatment, just 28% blamed inadequate gun control laws.

"While a lot of ideas are being floated right now, I have not seen one specific proposal being offered by the left in this rush to restrict rights.

"Rush Limbaugh recently made a sad but true point: The next mass shooter, probably the next five shooters, are already out there and most likely already have their weapons. There isn't much that could stop the next few school shootings other than armed guards.

"The left and its media allies want to ignore all the laws already on the books today. FBI regulations require it to follow up on calls with specific names and threats of school shootings. They didn't get one call - they got two calls and did nothing. The Bureau concedes that their protocols were not followed. Local law enforcement was called to Cruz's home more than 30 times in recent years, yet he had no criminal record.

"President Trump is open to strengthening laws related to background checks and mental illness. I think most Americans would gladly support that, but the devil is in the details.

"It is far more complex than it sounds. What level of mental illness should result in limits to a persons' constitutional rights? Would such laws deter kids or adults from going to a counselor in the first place?

"And why do we seemingly have so many more mental health issues these days? Is it the breakdown of the family? Does it have anything to do with the proliferation of pernicious violence and social media? Is it due to the constant cultural assault on faith and the idea that man is created in the image of God? Sadly, the left refuses to talk about any of these things."


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