Attempted Character Assassination Of Breitbart Protégé Brandon Darby

Article originally authored by Stephen K. Bannon and Larry Solov and published on

What the left fears it attacks most viciously: and what it fears most are apostates. Breitbart News contributor Brandon Darby, who the late Andrew Breitbart took in and mentored, is considered by the Left as such an apostate. Darby became an emerging voice of the center-right populist movement called the Tea Party after working undercover with the FBI to stop former comrades from killing Israel civilians and using firebombs to hurt law enforcement and stop Republicans from assembling at the 2008 Republican National Convention.

Darby chose to testify in highly publicized federal trials against members of the far Left and they tried to destroy him for it — and they did so with the help of mainstream left-of-center media outlets. Knowing the damage Darby had caused them and the potential he held in exposing them further, he became one of the prime targets of an orchestrated smear campaign that includes the likes of The New York Times, NPR, PBS, and various documentary filmmakers. Darby rejected witness protection and decided to fight back against the smears of the mainstream media. Andrew Breitbart found him, took him in, and encouraged him to join the Breitbart team to fight back.

Darby and Lee Stranahan formed the "greek chorus" to Andrew Breitbarts narration of the film Occupy Unmasked. In Andrews retelling of that movement everything they present is a false narrative--one that he had dedicated his lifes work to expose. Brandon Darby continues that work, and in so doing must be destroyed. Click here to read a recently published left wing account that goes about the business of that destruction. The personal smears come from an eco-terrorism advocate and animal rights terrorism apologist closely aligned with chief occupy-organizer Lisa Fithian. They have made it their mission to attack Darby, often contradicting themselves in their efforts. 



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