Is being Pro-Choice Racist?

Most recently, I had a left wing writer in a series of exchanges accuse me of race-baiting, writing racist materials and pandering to racists. The reason? I wrote a piece making the case that Romney, even as a member of the 1%, was closer to many Americans than our President. As the Wall Street Journal James Taranto noted, “The truth is that Romney and Obama are both products of distinctively American subcultures--respectively, the Mormon Church and the academic left. The difference is that whereas the Mormons, for more than a century, have aspired to join the American mainstream, the academic left is aggressively adversarial. It's true that there is much about Mormonism that seems odd to people of other faiths. But a contest over whose opponent is weirder is one Obama cannot possibly win.” So where is the racism in Mr. Taranto’s statement or my own thoughts which ran similar to Mr. Taranto?

Many within the media have made an issue about Romney’s Mormon beliefs, and if some of the things said about Romney’s beliefs were said about Islam or the Jewish faith, those individuals would have been fired. When the issue of Romney's adventure with his dog riding on top of his car on a family vacation came up, I reminded readers that Obama himself stated he ate dogs when living in Indonesia. Personally I couldn't care less if Obama loves to eat man’s best friend, but then if we are going to discuss Romney's treatment of dogs, then Obama's love for dog meat is fair game. By quoting Obama himself, I was accused of race-baiting. It does show the length that some will go to demonize their opponents. Throughout the Obama Administration, there have been attempts by some on the left to demonize anyone who opposes Obama on policy matters by yelling racism. Oppose Obamacare? It must be racism. Member of the Tea Party? You are obviously a racist. It is easier to yell racism than to deal with the issues at hand.

How many of you are aware that 55% of Abortions are done by Hispanics and African-Americans? Minority women terminate their pregnancy at double the rate of Whites? The New York City Health Dept. noted that 60% of African-Americans and 40% of Hispanics end their pregnancy by abortion. (African-American and Hispanic abortion rates are two to three times that of whites in New York City). There are more aborted babies than live births within the New York City African-American community.

Abortion is an emotional issue. I have many friends who disagree with me. They, like me, prefer that women not abort their children. But, we differ on what the laws should be. To those who play the race card, show me a conservative policy that has killed as many minority babies as abortion? Since the individual who accused me of race-baiting is pro-choice, is the individual a racist for supporting abortion? In my eyes, no, but if quoting Obama on his dog eating past is racism, could we make the case that those who support abortion are more racist? I will not condemn a person for supporting abortion rights as racist. But, those who play the race card are polluting public discourse and making it more difficult to deal with issues in front of us. Playing the race card is a dangerous thing, since it is like the boy who cried wolf. If you say it often enough where it is not applicable, you simply desensitize the population to properly act when real racism occurs.

Obama was elected with a broad base of support among all races because voters felt he was the right man to lead us out of economic problems. But, many of his policy have failed, and now he must defend them. It is part of the democratic process and to yell racism when discussing public policy not only corrodes the public discourse, it produces division along racial lines. The political process requires civility which does not mean agreement, only respect for the other side. Decorum matters in public discourse since half of us disagree with the other half. The use of race is an intimidation tactic to silence Obama’s opponents. But, I will leave the race-baiters of the left with this question. How could we carry on a civil conversation on abortion if the Pro-lifers are consistently accusing the other side of being engaging in racially motivated genocide? It would have a chilling effect upon the debate.

There have been a few on the left who have attempted to silence the debate by trying to get Rush Limbaugh off the air, The recent attempt to intimidate Romney supporters from donating (which I previously discussed in another piece) and of course, playing the race card by making opposition to Obama a racial thing. This can work both ways, since many of the left’s policies have had a detrimental effect upon minority communities including abortion where aborted babies outnumber live births in some minority communities. Would it be right of me to accuse my opponents of racism and engaging in genocide? No, no more than being accused of writing racist materials by merely quoting Obama.



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