Brady Disappointed in Texas Supreme Court's Decision to Side with Texas Central Railroad

I released the following statement after the Texas Supreme Court declined on Friday to hear the case against Texas Central Railroad's proposed high-speed rail project:

I am disappointed by the Texas Supreme Court’s decision. By freeing up Texas Central to use eminent domain authority, the Court is neglecting to protect the liberties of Texas landowners whose farms, ranches and homes sit along the proposed route. Many questions still remain on the feasibility and financing of this project, and I will continue to fight against anything that would grant this company the ability to seize property without the consent of landowners.

After nine years, Texas Central remains in the planning stages and has not obtained a single permit to begin construction. This project is still no more “shovel ready” than it was years ago when Texas Central Railroad announced construction would begin soon—and failed. In fact, they have still not even filed an application with the federal Surface Transportation Board—the first step in an arduous and lengthy permitting process that could take years.


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