Celebrating Political Diversity During Black History Month

Before Black History month in America ends, and in light of the fact that so much of the 2013 celebration honors left-wing African-Americans, this short series of articles offers praise for some truly brave Americans---black Republican and conservative leaders.

These men and women of color embrace liberty for all, equality of opportunity, and other powerful and virtuous conservative ideals, as do many Americans of all backgrounds.

The difference is, black conservatives must tolerate the skepticism and mockery of some on the Left who question whether it is legitimate for African-Americans to think outside of the box of liberal orthodoxy. Seems as though this “thinking for yourself” thing challenges the Left’s determination to sell the politics of class envy, hyphenated America and race/ethnicity-based competing constituencies.

Here are just a few among a growing number of thoughtful, brilliant, conservative, nationally known, black Americans. The Left’s characterizations of these fine Americans as “sell-outs,” “self-loathing,” and unconcerned about their “own people” reveal the Left’s intolerance of those who dare to escape the political pigeonhole into which they would stuff all men and women of color.

  • Clarence Thomas: Conservative United States Supreme Court Justice whose life exemplifies the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” ideal. His autobiography “My Grandfather’s Son” tells of a devastatingly challenging and impoverished upbringing, hard work and heartfelt reflection on political and societal ideals.
  • Dr. Benjamin Carson: Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital proposed in a recent speech at the National Day of Prayer breakfast brilliantly simple free market based ideas for our healthcare system, a challenge to the Left’s “big government must take over the whole system” approach chosen by Democrats in passing Obamacare.
  • Star Parker: Star is an author (“Uncle Sam’s Plantation” and others), and founder of the Urban Cure organization, which is dedicated to “fighting poverty and restoring dignity through faith, freedom and personal responsibility.” Parker also advocates for protection of the Second Amendment and gun rights, arguing, “preserve gun rights, save black lives.” Parker does not back down from challenging the liberal orthodoxy on social spending, abortion and a whole host of other liberal sacred truths. To say the Left vilifies her is putting it mildly. A child of the welfare state, Star speaks from personal experience when she denounces programs that engender long term and multi-generational governmental reliance and helplessness.
  • Allen West: Allen West was a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army, and in 2010 was elected to the United States House of Representatives from Florida. The Democrat establishment targeted his seat, and poured millions of dollars into the effort to defeat him. He lost that seat in the 2012 elections, in a very close race, which is still subject to a vote count integrity challenge. West is a wildly popular Tea Party speaker (“but Democrats say the Tea Party is racist”), and now a popular commentator on PJTV.
  • Condoleezza Rice: First black female Secretary of State (under President George W. Bush), former National Security Advisor, Stanford political science professor, now Stanford Graduate School of Business professor and director of its Global Center for Business and the Economy. Rice is also an articulate spokesperson for the goodness of America and the challenges we face in a world where terrorists still abhor the freedom we Americans love.
  • Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams: Each of these men holds a PhD in Economics, with Sowell serving as a Senior Fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, and Williams as Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University. Both write and speak about the virtues of the free market system, which is under liberal Democrat-led major assault in America today. These men share truth, and facts, like what impact raising taxes has on job creation, whether raising the minimum wage actually increases the buying power of those wage earners, or whether it is wise, reasonable or economically justifiable to force mortgage companies to make loans to people whose income and assets do qualify them for those mortgage loans using time-tested standards. Feel-good/sound-good/work-bad economic policies the Left loves to spew are eviscerated in the light of reason and economic facts, making both Williams and Sowell frequent targets of vilification by Leftists.
  • Artur Davis & Mia Love: Both are rising star outspoken Republican politicians. Davis was a U.S Congressman, and spoke at the RNC Convention in 2012 about his conversion to the Republican Party. Mia Love was among the most dynamic of all of the speakers at the RNC, and inspired the crowd with her fervor for America and freedom. (You just cannot find those speakers on the Democrat side…) Mia served as mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, and ran an unsuccessful campaign for U.S. Congress, losing by 768 votes (under 1% of the total count) in a campaign in which her opponent was funded by Democrat operatives, who just cannot seem to tolerate the notion of an articulate black conservative.

Liberal Democrats are so sure their policies are best for minorities that they lash out at black conservatives who dare to think for themselves, in a tone reminiscent of the denouncement of the “uppity”.

To paraphrase Martin Luther King Jr., let’s dream of a day when all Americans are judged by the content and virtue of their character, their thoughts and their lives, and not by whether they submit to the liberal, political orthodoxy, or dare to challenge it.



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