CNN: If We Remove Her Violent Threats, She Sounds Pretty Good

CNN edited the remarks of the sister of Slyville Smith, whose shooting by a black policeman led a mob of protesters to start burning down various properties in their neighborhood. She’s calling for peace, they said.

Except for the part where she urges protesters to burn down the suburbs. Oops!

CNN has since admitted: “We shorthanded sister’s quote. Unintentionally gave the impression she was calling for peace everywhere.”

Yes, I’m sure it was an innocent mistake. The violent threats were uttered five whole seconds apart from everything else she said.

If the races in this story were reversed and a network had “shorthanded” a white person’s comments, it’d be wall-to-wall candlelight vigils and re-education camps.

The only reason CNN revised its Orwellian propaganda is that the Internet makes possible the transmission of unfiltered truth. Had it not been for that, the original CNN video would have stood.

Gee, you think people in the Milwaukee suburbs might like to be informed that people are being urged to burn their homes down?

Hooray for the Internet, and yes, hooray for Breitbart. Just tell the $%#@& truth already.

(Thanks to the Political Theatre blog.)


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