Congressman Farenthold Checks Up On Our Local VA Clinics

Last week, I visited the VA Outpatient Clinics in Corpus Christi and Victoria to get the real story on wait times, quality of service, and other issues from local Veterans and VA staff.

As you may have read, the Corpus Christi clinics were among those subject to additional investigation for long wait times. We have had far too many requests for service come into my office from veterans in this area. The VA must get on track and provide prompt quality care.

The Corpus Christi OPC told me they’re taking swift action to address the reported issues within local facility and are looking into the problems I've heard about first-hand from the veterans I represent. Though I’m disappointed the problems are as bad as they are, I am assured – between the VA’s upcoming audit, what the facility staff and waiting veterans told me Monday – the problems in Corpus Christi are being addressed.

On a high note, I was very impressed by what I saw in Victoria. The operation being run at the facility there appears to be working better than the others I have visited and heard about, and the VOPC looks like it’s making great strides in delivering quality, timely care for veteran patients.

I’ll be continuing to check in with the VA outpatient clinics for our veterans seeking care in South Texas, and monitoring their progress in ensuring that all patients get quality care in a timely manner. It’s the least we can do for those who answered the call to serve.

If you or a veteran you know is not receiving timely quality care please let me or a member of my staff know so we can help.


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