Congressman Farenthold Introduces Bill to Protect 2nd Amendment Rights of Military Families

Last week I introduced legislation to protect the Second Amendment rights of spouses of military members. The Protect Our Military Families’ 2nd Amendment Rights Act allows spouses of active duty service members to purchase firearms in the state where they live due to military orders.

Currently, the Gun Control Act of 1968 mandates that citizens can legally only purchase a handgun in the state where they are considered residents. Exceptions were made for active duty military members but not their spouses. In many cases, spouses reside in the state where their active duty spouse has orders, but are barred from purchasing firearms in that state because their driver license is issued in their “home state” or they don’t have another state-issued identification card in the state their spouse is stationed in.

Our military spouses give up a great deal to support their active duty service member, often moving far from home and far from family to be with their spouse. Military spouses should not be denied their Second Amendment rights based on the orders of the military member. They have the right to defend themselves and their families just like anyone else.

More on the bill:

The bill will give spouses the ability to purchase handguns in the state where their husband or wife is permanently stationed for duty, or in the surrounding state if the military spouse commutes across state borders to their duty station


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