Congressman John Culberson: Why I Oppose Military Intervention in Syria

I am strongly opposed to American military involvement in Syria. One side is Assad and Iran, the other side is Al Qaeda. We have no business supporting either side. America’s job is to protect our vital national interests. The United States has no strategic interest in this conflict, and we have not been directly threatened by the events thus far. The events in Syria are tragic for the innocent people involved, but it does not affect our vital national interests, so I will be voting “no” on the use of force in Syria.

I will be doing everything in my power to encourage my colleagues to join me in opposing military intervention of any kind in Syria unless Israel is threatened.

The President has sent a broad proposal to Congress. President Obama’s proposed mission does not include clear military objectives or clear policy goals. The information the President has shared with Congress leaves many unanswered questions. He must explain to Congress and to the American people what vital national interests are at stake and how our involvement in Syria will secure these interests.

The Assad regime has killed tens of thousands of people, which is a humanitarian tragedy, but I am convinced that a military intervention will cost American lives to no good end.

I believe the House vote on the resolution authorizing the use of military force in Syria should be held on Wednesday, September 11, the twelfth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. This will give clarity to the debate, and by defeating the resolution, the House will honor the victims of 9/11 by refusing to support Al-Qaeda.



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