Congressman Poe Responds To Report Of Iran Providing Chlorine Gas Canisters To The Assad Regime

If reports that Iran is sending Chlorine gas canisters to the Assad regime in Syria are accurate, it reaffirms concerns that the Iranians will go to any lengths to protect their puppet in Damascus. There is already strong evidence that Assad has used chlorine gas against his own population, a gross human rights violation that is being actively facilitated by the Iranians.

My Subcommittee has already held three hearings on the threat from Iran. It’s clear that the Iranian nuclear program is only one small part of their global terror campaign which includes murdering Americans and Israelis all over the globe, smuggling weapons, trafficking drugs, and bolstering dictators with chemical weapons. As I’ve said all along, it was a mistake to move forward in pursuit of a nuclear agreement with Iran without including a wide-range of terrorist acts that the Iranians engage in on a daily basis. The Iranians must be held accountable for the deaths of innocent civilians in Syria.


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