Congressman Ted Poe Statement on the Murder of Darren Goforth

Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Darren Goforth was executed because he wore the uniform of a Texas peace officer. May justice be swift and harsh for his killer. As a former prosecutor and Judge I have tried cases where peace officers were murdered. I have also tried cases where peace officers were charged with killing citizens. When a person kills a peace officer they are striking at the fabric and foundation of law and order in our community. Peace officers protect us from the lawless, a job that most of us would never do.

In Texas, we are grateful for those in uniform who put their lives at risk each day to protect and serve. The divisive national rhetoric fueling the war on law enforcement is encouraging criminals to be more brazen. As a result, crime is up in our city and our country.

My thoughts and prayers are with Deputy Goforth’s wife, two children and all those who wear the star and badge. All lives matter.


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