Controversial HYR Ad asks, "Are you tired of the Mob?"

Protesters tweetThe Houston Young Republicans (HYR) have produced an ad criticizing what it calls “the Mob,” referring to the leftwing extremists who prevented a vote from taking place on pivotal legislation which would cap abortions in Texas at 20 weeks, and require hygienic improvements at facilities that administer abortions.

“Small r republican governance is in severe danger in Texas,” said John Griffing, VP of Media at HYR.

Griffing continued, saying, “This is no longer about abortion. This is now about the rule of law versus mob rule. The democratic process is under siege by a determined minority. When a Republican Congressman stands up during the State of the Union and says the simple words, You lie, suddenly decorum matters, but when teeming masses of people in orange shirts scream and advocate rushing the State Senate floor in order to silence the majority – this is called protecting minority rights.

“This is the stuff of banana republics – not the United States of America, and certainly not Texas. Debates are won with facts, and clearly the orange shirts are short on these – resorting instead to mob tactics. Let Senators exercise their right to choose, and vote,” Griffing stated.

Leftist extremist groups are awash on Twitter and Facebook with threats to continue to disrupt the legislature each and every time it tries to take a simple vote on SB 5, the bill at issue. A total of 20,000 were estimated to have been involved in stopping legislation from passing last week.

Pro-life protestors - one of whom shouted that abortion is “genocide” from the stands, challenging Sen. Wendy Davis that if she really cared about women, she would end abortion – were escorted out by state troopers, even as Occupy Austin orange-shirts continued a campaign of mass disruption with virtual carte blanche from local law enforcement and the tepid tap of the gavel from Senate leadership.

Protestors utilizing what appear to be Occupy-style tactics rushed the Senate floor last week and shouted so loud that no vote could be taken.

Griffing, who is also a staff writer with World Net Daily (WND) and had been covering the procession of events on SB 5, summed up recent events:

“It was Dewhurst who called the pro-abortion forces an unruly mob. Those who opposed the pro-life legislation were shouting, chanting and effectively controlling the Senate chamber for a time. Dewhurst stated that his required signature on the bill adopted by a 19-10 vote was not in time. It’s over. It’s been fun. But see you soon, he said, hinting at a special session.”

The WND article can be read here.


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