Cornyn Discusses Ukraine Visit and Support for Aid

On the floor, I discussed last week’s congressional delegation trip to Ukraine, Sweden, and Finland, and how the U.S. benefits from helping Ukraine. Excerpts of my remarks are below, and video can be found here.

We visited not only President Zelensky in the presidential palace but also visited two of what we hope will be the next members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, namely, Sweden and Finland.

The Ukrainians' spirit and will to defend their country remains unbroken and undaunted, and Putin's plans have failed, and failed miserably. We saw this firsthand when we had a chance to visit Kyiv this weekend.

He and his advisors warned us about the possibility of global food shortages caused by Russian blockade[s] of Ukrainian ports. This will lead to widespread famine not just in Europe, but throughout Africa, and spread the pain far afield from Europe.

This week, as we know, the Senate will consider a supplemental funding bill to provide Ukraine with even more security and humanitarian assistance. I know there are some who disagree with more funding for Ukraine. To them, I would say this funding, this support, this military and humanitarian support, is not strictly an act of altruism on our part. We are doing this also because allowing Ukraine to defend itself is in our best interest.

We can't kid ourselves by thinking Putin would simply end with his brutal conquest of Ukraine.

Of course, in this situation, the cost of the United States doing nothing, of simply turning over this democracy, and our security, and our economy to Putin, well, that's greater than any cost that could come by a supplemental appropriation.

I'm grateful to Leader McConnell for putting together this past weekend's trip. I found it enormously educational.


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