Cornyn Lays Out Problems with Democrat Bill to End Family Separation

Yesterday on the floor, I highlighted problems with the Democrats’ proposal to solve the family separation crisis at the border and called on my colleagues across the aisle to join the Keep Families Together and Enforce the Law Act. Excerpts of my floor remarks are below, and video can be found here

She secured the support of all members of the Democratic side of the aisle on a piece of legislation which does nothing to ensure that the law will be enforced.

I don't think our friend the Democratic Leader actually believes President Trump can do this by a flick of the pen, as he said, otherwise he wouldn't have cosponsored the bill by the Senator from California to address this situation. Why in the world would he propose legislation if he actually, sincerely believes that the president alone can fix this problem?

The result of the proposal by the Minority Leader and our Democratic colleagues means that it's impossible to enforce laws that Congress has written.

While legislation from the Senator from California does seek to keep families together, a goal we share, it doesn't specify where those families should be held. That's a big problem. Because when it comes to the safety of these children, we don't want to leave that open to interpretation or misunderstanding. We want to be sure and clear that where these families are kept that it should be in separate residential housing facilities away from hardened, potentially violent criminals. But our Democratic colleagues’ bill that every single one of the Democrats have signed onto doesn't even address that.

There's no reason for our Democratic colleagues to oppose what I've laid out. Either we are or we are not a nation of laws with a government that enforces those laws, or we are a nation with no law and open borders.


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