Cornyn Proposal to Fight VA Backlog Using Texas Model Passes Congress

My proposal to fight the growing backlog of disability claims within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) using a new Texas initiative as a national model passed both the House and the Senate this week as part of the final Defense Authorization bill that will now be sent to the President to be signed into law.

The massive backlog of VA disability claims reminds us that far too many veterans are being underserved. This is a national disgrace, and veterans with pending claims deserve more than just rhetoric from VA headquarters in Washington.

The VA has not proven up to the task, so the State of Texas has stepped in to pick up some of their slack and help veterans with their claims. My proposal will require the VA to implement Texas’ model on a national scale, helping to alleviate the backlog and streamline the claims process. Our veterans fulfilled their solemn duties, and it’s about time the VA did the same.

According to VA data, in the last two years alone the overall number of backlogged veterans’ claims nationwide has more than doubled. Recently the Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) formed a partnership with the VA to assist Texas veterans whose claims are backlogged, and to help veterans making new claims to file fully-developed ones, shortening the processing time required. During the first two months of these new initiatives, the TVC has helped Texas veterans complete more than 2,500 backlogged claims and assisted veterans with the submission of more than 800 fully-developed claims. In recent testimony before a House Veterans’ Affairs Subcommittee, VA officials indicated the department has experienced positive outcomes through their cooperation with the TVC.

Using the new Texas initiative as a model, Sen. Cornyn’s measure would require the VA to report to Congress with a plan using partnerships between the VA and outside entities - like state government agencies similar to the Texas Veterans Commission - to eliminate the current backlog of claims and ensure that new claims are fully developed before they are submitted.



Thank You!

How does a Country HONOR It's Fallen, by Their Own 'Sacrifice' in Taking Care of the Brothers and Sisters They Served With!!

"There is this sense that this is genuine," says Raezer. "We haven't had this kind of visibility from the White House—ever." Joyce Raezer - December 30, 2011 Military Spouse   

The only Government Branch doing, Federal and States, on a consistent basis, for the Military Families and Military Veterans is the present Executive Administration, unlike the previous admin and their tepub congresses, and that will now continue for four more years, it's Cabinet and those directly around it, the First and Second ladies and more!

The Country hasn't stood up and demanded it Sacrifice, especially through it's representatives, and sadly that will continue, for over a decade now added to the previous decades of underfunding it's Responsibility the Veterans Administration!

These present wars haven't been paid for, deficits started rising Before 9/11 as surplus left was quickly depleted and costs of are still added to same as are the long term costs as to the results of these wars once again!

No Revenues {especially from the wealthy nor their private reagan capitalism economic investments, free market supply side capitalism} = No Sacrifice = No Support = DeJa-vu all over again!!

USN All Shore '67-'71 GMG3 Vietnam In Country '70-'71

How About This for Supporting the Troops: What Always Should Have Been, Citizens Sacrifice!!
The Country Owes 'Big Time' to These Veterans
The country had already abandoned the Veterans of the previous decades and our wars since WWII and the many issues ignored, PTS, Agent Orange, Desert Storms Gulf War Syndrome and so many more while under funding the VA and really so in the past decade plus. Many many of the brothers and sisters of have passed on because of and now many of these recent Vets have also. These brothers and sisters shouldn't have to continue the same battles on their home turf.
USN All Shore '67-'71 GMG3 Vietnam In Country '70-'71

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