Dear #AOC, #IhlanOmar and the #DNC — we need to talk about “Concentration Camps” and Real Border Solutions

When you enter Auschwitz, to the south of the city of Katowice, Poland — there is a chilling air surrounding the sign at the gates, with the moniker “Arbeit Macht Frei” and the Knowledge today that — work only lead to slaughter.

The Nazi concentration camp system involved the forced rail transportation of Jews, Gypsies and dissidents to work detention camps that manifested a whole host of atrocities.

Attractive Jewish women were plucked from the camps and placed in Hitler’s “Joy Division” where they were forced into sexual slavery.

Jews were put to forced labor and starved almost to death — only to face being burned and desecration after their deaths.

Nazi German scientists performed every unimaginable surgical atrocity including vivisection (cutting someone open alive) and extreme torture tests — such as freezing people alive.

Over 6 million people lost their lives through these pogroms manifesting in the Holocaust, as we know it today.

In China, over 1 million Muslim Uighurs have been put into forced detention and re-education camps.

Recently, reports have confirmed that the Chinese government IS harvesting organs from Muslims in detention — with deaths from these camps approaching genocide levels.

Hitler saw the Jews as a philosophical roadblock in his goal to build a perfect Aryan race and Third Reich or “German Empire”.

The Chinese see the Muslim Uighur population as an obstacle in their goal to run the belt and road initiative through Xinjang — the Uighur Homeland.

Concentration camps, in both the historical (German) and current (Chinese) perspectives — concentration camps are forced detention camps with the aim of completely stripping people of their identity or processing them for slaughter. With organ harvesting — horrifically for massive financial gain.

During the Obama Administration, what we had known as a consistent border problem with illegal migration and Mexican coyotes or smugglers — ballooned into a full fledged emergency with over 100,000 people attempting illegal immigration to the US per month.

The policies implemented then began a system of detention and processing with the highest number of deportations per month under Obama.

Trump’s current numbers are high — but even at current levels — nowhere near of the deportations under the Obama administration.

ICE deportations under Trump are up but nowhere near Obama levels
The Trump administration in the fiscal year deported fewer people residing illegally in the U.S. than an average year…

However over the course of the past year we’ve had not only an uptick in the numbers of illegal immigrants crossing the border — But a philosophical quandary — in terms of what we should actually be doing with these people.

Attempts have been made, to send a number of illegals to sanctuary cities — but the cities that had specifically pass laws to support illegal populations — themselves are saying that they are at capacity — Which has led to standoffs in between a number of them and the President.

The recent rhetoric from #AOC, #IhlanOmar and others in Democratic leadership are pointing to a lack of toothbrushes, toothpaste and some basic resources like sleeping bunks as akin to “concentration camps”.

This rhetoric does nothing more than inflame the situation and take something that is already tense and untenable and make it far more complicated to solve.

It also misinforms the American populace over the border issue — that has existed across four different administrations — and raises a bigger question of where of the funding should come from for illegal immigrants.

Take for example Dan Crenshaw’s recent comments:



The current cost for housing, policing and supporting illegal children ranges between $500-$750 a day. For illegal adults it’s closer to something in the $250-$500 range.

With the illegal immigrant populations exceeding 100,000 per month these costs start adding up rather quickly.

And while Democrats have recently aceded to some funding measures towards solving the border crisis, outside of conflating concentration camps with border control centers, they’re doing very little to solve this problem.

Joanne King Herring, who has been a fixture in Texas politics, for the better part of the last 40 years ,  saw a challenge of both refugees, internally displaced people and defense against terrorists that needed to be solved in Afghanistan   close to a decade ago.

She invested $500,000 into the development of Khairabad — which over the course of five years — has grown into a sustainable city; that has built employment for women as well as men; and the opportunities to defend that community again both terrorists and regional conflict.

With the bulk of illegal immigrant populations coming through the Latin American northern triangle (Nicaragua, Hounduras and El Salvador) ,  there is a distinct opportunity to leverage Ms. Herring’s success in Afghanistan  as a model by which we can start developing secure communities, for immigrants and migrants, with partner countries to the south.

The development of sustainable and secure cities, that can defend themselves against rampant gang warfare from the likes of MS-13,  and a southern terrorist risk that secretary Pompeo has previously outlined,  is the absolute key to solving the illegal immigration crisis long term.

Further, working with a developmental region within the northern triangle as well as creating a development region near collapsing Venezuela — would allow us to rapidly deploy regional development areas allowing for the secure resettling of illegal immigrants — while money that is currently being allocated to holding centers, could be more effectively allocated to job retraining, healthcare and protecting these communities from rampant gang and cartel warfare.

Many hearts in America go out to those who have suffered in their origin countries — and are seeking better opportunities. However, America albeit enjoying economic prosperity and growth , still needs to contend with the pressing issues that we have of urban blight; poverty in black, brown and white communities; rampant homelessness, in some of the most expensive cities on earth, like San Francisco and NYC, as well as poisoned water supply issues in places like Flint, Michigan.

This is not a question about compassion — this is a question about capacity.

America only has so much capacity to provide so much at which point we find that even sanctuary cities are telling the President that they cannot accept any more illegal immigrants.

The solution needs to be focused on what is driving this flight and how we can defend against it. And currently the only plan that makes any sense is the development of the work done by Joanne Herring and a rapid deployment of that work to our bordering partners to the south.


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