The Destruction of the Traditional Family

The destruction of the traditional family in America continues to surge. Not until the conservatives take up the battle will this devastation stop. Liberals are relentless in their cause as they push their agenda whenever and wherever they can. The time has passed when prayer alone will do. If we don’t win the battles in our own cities, how can we possibly prevail!

San Antonio passed the non discrimination ordinance on September 5 making San Antonio businesses vulnerable to ‘Freedom of Religion’ and ‘Freedom of Expression’ attacks. On Sunday, November 10, I spoke to the Torres brothers, Reggie and Jerry of Taco Haven. The Torres family restaurant has been serving San Antonio for the last 45 years. They related the events leading to the protest on Sunday morning. This ‘incident’ was ignited by a very simple and innocent request. The Torres brothers were asked by the Diego Bernal Recall team for permission to get signatures for their petition at their restaurant. Apparently there was an LGBT supporter who did not like the restaurant’s stance.

That’s when the Get Equal Texas group jumped at the opportunity to discredit the restaurant and its owners. The protesters verbally attacked their family and their restaurant. Reggie explained that the restaurant has never in all its years of operation denied service to anyone. So they were extremely surprised at the vicious verbal attacks. Reggie believes that the actions of the protesters were uncalled for and unnecessary since they have always served everyone coming inside their restaurant and will continue to do so.

Jerry feels that they should have the right to decide what is allowed in their restaurant and that they should have the privilege of expressing their Christian views without retribution. Jerry the oldest of five siblings told me that they come from a strong Catholic family and believes that “no one should bully us into changing our views just to fit into society.” He commented that “everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

The ‘Get Equal Texas’ people are working hard to promote the LGBT agenda and they were the ones responsible for the profane protest at Taco Haven on Sunday morning.

Virginia is an excellent example of what happens when conservatives are undecided or worse, vote for the liberal. Ken Cuccinelli, Republican and a faithful Catholic lost to a Democrat Catholic in name only. We can blame Obama, the GOP for failing to ante up money or other reasons but in the end it was the electorate that actually pulled the lever and voted against all that is good.

“I want to thank the voters of Virginia”.

Native New Yorker Terry McAuliffe’s victory speech as the new governor of Virginia said it all. He knows that Cuccinelli is a principled man. He admitted that there are very big differences on some very important issues. He then went on to say that the ‘differences of opinion are still often not a difference of principle or goal’. McAuliffe is wrong! There is a huge difference of principle or goal! He stated, “Virginia should be a model for welcoming the best and brightest scientists and innovators no matter your race, gender, religion or ‘whom you love’.” This comment alone should make all Virginians and Americans shudder because ‘whom you love’ is the intended future of Virginia by their new governor, McAuliffe.

Massachusetts was the first state in 2004 to allow same sex marriage. Since then this law has been used to infiltrate all sectors of society. In school the students celebrate same sex marriage and are told that this should be considered a ‘normal’ part of society. Children in schools are given a list of Myths about marriage issued by GLAD, Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders. An exhibit of portraits of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People and their Families was brought into the middle schools for viewing by the student body. The same sex marriage concept is being brought into elementary schools with books in an effort to normalize the legalized marriages.

Businesses have been greatly affected because they must comply with the state law or suffer the consequences. There is also the gay and lesbian ‘test’ where lesbians or gays walk into a business and kiss and fondle for all to see in an effort to provoke distain. If the ‘couple’ feels that not enough ‘tolerance’ was displayed, the business will be penalized. The Massachusetts family law attorneys must attend seminars in ‘homosexual marriages’. There is a climate of fear in government and even the Republicans have caved to the whims of the same sex marriage agenda.

Massachusetts has been overtaken by the LGBT community and LGBT activists. Pastors are not permitted to speak against the homosexuals even inside their church because the LGBT activists attend the services with intent to disrupt and terrorize the congregations. Same sex couples no longer have to be tested for HIV before being married, even though syphilis is on the rise. Presently the health care is being extended to same sex couples. Same sex marriage domestic violence is on the rise. Have any of you ever read a report on same sex violence? I have tried and was unable to finish reading because of the extreme brutality. Massachusetts is already promoting Transcending Boundaries like polygamy, sadomasochism and transgender rights! The activists are targeting the children of Massachusetts with chilling results. The students are being indoctrinated to become gay or lesbian. But don’t kid yourself and believe that it can not happen where you live, because it can!

Texas is heading into its primary in March and the general election in November 2014. While I personally believe that we will still be victorious and elect a Republican governor, I also believe we are close to being a battleground state. Our Texas largest cities have been taken over by Democrat Mayors in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin leaving only Fort Worth with a Republican Mayor. Of the top Ten Texas Cities there are six Democrat mayors, three Republican mayors and one non partisan mayor. Do you see the trend?

I don’t think I have to paint any more pictures for you to understand that same sex marriage is the intended future for all America by the liberals. We as the majority no longer have a voice. How did this happen you might ask. Because the silent majority was silent! All it takes is one toe hold and the activists are attracted like flies to S…. That is why I say it is time to stand up for our 1st Amendment rights, our Religious Rights and get involved in our community. If you live or visit San Antonio, go by Taco Haven in Southtown and enjoy a taco! We must not abandon our towns and our cities only to witness their moral ruin. It is not enough to pray, it is time for ACTION!

Please watch and listen to “What ‘gay marriage’ did to Massachusetts.” It will open your eyes…wide.

What 'gay marriage' did to Massachusetts

On Thursday November 7, the senate passed the Employment Non Discrimination Act by 64-32 vote. There were 10 Republicans who voted with the Democrats. Take the time to contact your congressman as this is our only hope to stop this legislation.







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