Expanding VA Care Options

One of the many challenges facing the Department of Veterans Affairs in South Texas (and nationwide) is a shortage of Primary Care Physicians and Specialty Care Providers. Because of this, the Congress created alternatives for veterans needing care utilizing outside doctors: the VA Choice Program and the VA Voucher Program. Both are an opportunity for local, private healthcare providers to assist the VA by offering veterans appointments in a shorter timeframe and at facilities located closer to home. Unfortunately, many service providers are unaware of these programs or do not understand how they work, and veterans suffer as a consequence. This is why my office held two seminars in Victoria and Corpus Christi to teach healthcare providers about how to get involved in these VA programs.

Both events had a packed house of local healthcare providers who wanted to learn about the VA Choice Program and VA community based care. Through these two seminars, my staff was able to connect with 124 service providers interested in


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