Firefighters, A Special Breed--Captain Dwight Bazile

He was only 37 years of age--a father, husband, community leader. He was Houston's Fire Captain Dwight Bazile.

Captain Bazile , known as B.B. to his fellow firefighters , was helping to put out a fire at a duplex when he suffered cardiac arrest. He collapsed in the street and was rushed to the hospital, where he died. He was doing his job. He was saving others when his life was taken. B.B. was described as having a gentle and caring personality.

Firefighters are a special breed. They run into the flames that everyone else is trying to escape from. They work to restore order from chaos. That is why we call them first responders--because they are the first to help the people.

Firefighters are a courageous and tenacious breed. They are uniquely American.

It has been said that all people are created equal, but few become firefighters. Captain Bazile was one of those people.

We remember Captain Bazile and pray for his family. He was one of Houston's finest. He died on duty--the duty of protecting and serving the people of Houston, Texas. He was quite a man.

And that is just the way it is.


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