Girl Scouts are Today's Leaders - Susan Soh

There are three important traits that leaders young and old should have: courage, confidence, and character. The three C's is a good name for them. These traits are the foundation of what the 2.6 million Girl Scouts worldwide use to make a difference. Out of the 2.6 million girls and adults, there are 1.8 million girls, and thousands are chosen every year as Gold Award Girl Scouts for their dedication to improving the communities that they serve. Out of these thousands of girls, only ten young leaders are chosen as National Gold Award Girl Scouts. This honorable distinction is reserved for those girls who have taken an idea and turned into concrete results that will have effects on the local, national, and global levels.

Part of the district I represent in Houston, Texas happens to be home to a recently awarded National Gold Award Girl Scout, Susan Soh. Susan is helping to change the lives of others around the world with her Gold Award project, Leer a Mi (Read to Me). Susan learned of children in Guatemala who spoke only their local Mayan dialect, and not the official language of Spanish. Because of the language barrier, children were struggling with literacy upon entering primary school. After recognizing this was a serious issue, Susan answered the call to action.

Life changing effects have been made for children in Guatemala thanks to Susan's efforts and her partnership with Guatemala SANA. By bringing in Spanish speakers to record audiobooks, building a library, and creating language programs, almost no stone has been left unturned to help the local children excel in their schooling. Real results have been made in the community.

Over 400 children visit the library every month and are scoring above their reading levels when they enter primary school. Because of the success of this idea turned to actionable plan, Susan has made sure the results continue for years to come.

Susan, along with the other National Gold Award Girl Scouts, were recognized this month at the United Nations in New York City. I applaud her for answering the call to action. She has demonstrated true leadership with the three C's at the forefront of her efforts: courage, confidence, and character. Her work as a Girl Scout shows that she is a leader in our city, state, country, and around the globe.

And that's just the way it is.


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