Group of People Run Toward Boston Bombings to Assist the Wounded

Yesterday was Patriot's Day in Boston. To commemorate Boston's fierce spirit of independence, Bostonians host a worldwide marathon.

Yesterday as runners approached the finish line of the marathon, terror erupted: two explosions, 14 seconds apart. Two other bombs were also found by law enforcement. The scene was described as a war zone.

Amidst the chaos and blood-filled streets, there was a group of people who ran towards the danger, as they always do. They were America's first responders. They were there within moments. They disregarded their own safety to assist the wounded and secure the area.

Fellow marathon runners from all different States and countries also rescued strangers and the wounded. They helped treat their wounds and carried others to safety. Offers of help are coming from all over the United States.

There are two confirmed dead and over 100 injured. Those responsible for this attack of death and terror must be brought to justice because justice is what we do in this country.

And that's just the way it is.


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