Happy Thanksgiving

Camille and I wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving. We hope you have the opportunity to surround yourself with loved ones and thank God for the blessings we enjoy in our lives and the many blessings He has granted upon the United States of America.

From the very first Thanksgiving in 1621, when the newly settled Pilgrims broke bread in gratitude to God for a successful harvest, to 1863, when President Abraham Lincoln issued The Thanksgiving Proclamation establishing a national holiday—our country was founded on a posture of gratitude. 

This year, I am especially thankful for my wonderful family for their love and support. Camille and I are grateful to be raising our daughters in Texas. 

Folks in the 11th District of Texas are no strangers to gratitude and generosity. It is an honor to represent a region that is unabashed in its patriotism, support for our troops, and earnest love for this country. We in District 11 feed, clothe, and power the world.

Our district continuously inspires me and encourages me in my work. It is the greatest honor of my lifetime to work on your behalf.

Happy Thanksgiving, from my family to yours. We hope that you have a safe and joyful celebration, and enjoy a blessed holiday season ahead! 


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