HB 803 Equal Parenting is Most Bi-Partisan Bill in Texas Committee – 19 Authors

Texas HB 803, the Equal Parenting Bill, will bring Texas together from both sides of the political aisle to help kids and society, but the bill will die if it doesn’t get a timely hearing.

This bill is the largest, most bi-partisan bill in the Juvenile, Justice, and Family Issues Committee this Texas Legislative Session. Many bills that have dozens of authors, however, often you will find that they have only all Democrat authors or all Republican authors. The authors of this bill range from conservative Republicans to liberal Democrats. This issue is not about politics, this issue is about the massive need to fix a broken system that is hurting children and incentivizing parents to fight in court. This is about creating equality and stability for children with both of their fit and loving parents.

Each one of those authors represent people in their district. The fact that there are Democrat and Republican authors means that Texas voters from both Democrat and Republican districts all over Texas support this bill. In a time of such great division in politics, Equal Parenting HB 803 is bringing both sides of the aisle together to have a major positive impact on kids and on society.

Kids need both parents in their lives equally if both parents are fit, willing, and able. All scientific and medical studies and experts agree that kids with equal parenting are more stable and healthier across all measurable metrics. The current Texas Family Code harms children because the standard possession order only gives one parent most of the time and the other parent every other weekend, even when both parents are great loving parents. There is always a winner and loser under the current system and the kids usually always lose. This causes parents to come to court already fighting and bickering over who gets more time.

With HB 803, good parents will come to court on equal ground and not have to fight to try to get equal time or fight to be the parents with the most time, because with HB 803 they will be coming to court on equal ground with less incentive to fight and more incentive to work together. Why shouldn’t kids start off with getting equal time with both parents as long as both parents are fit, willing, and able? Then a judge can still go down from equal parenting with just cause on a case by case basis. That is the best interest of the child.

The People are Crying Out for an Equal Parenting Hearing – people of all colors and incomes and political parties. Last session the bill was killed by a late hearing and the lobbyists bragged about delaying the bills that would have hurt their practice (less fighting means less money). Surely kids and society are important enough to get a timely hearing.    

More info on equal parenting at: http://EqualJusticeTaskForce.com


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