Hidden Camera: Will Muslim Bakeries Bake a Gay Wedding Cake?

Yes folks, he did this. He went there. You have this now.

What do you think happens when a gay, like SUPER gay, Crowder tries to get a super gay WEDDING CAKE baked at a Muslim bakery? I’m pretty sure you can guess, but you might as well WATCH this week’s adventure to Dearborn, Mich., to find out! (for those who do not know him… Crowder is not gay so this was quite an acting job on his part.)

Okay… So.. GAY ACTIVISTS, where is all the outrage.. Where is the media? Where are all the lawsuits and death threats?

Will these Muslim owned bakeries who refused to make the cake be forced out of business?

Of course not,…. because with the left, this has NOTHING to do with discrimination and everything to do with the war on Christianity.

By the way.. I absolutely respect and support the right of each and every business owner whether they are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, atheist, whatever, to refuse service…to anyone and everyone they feel they do not want to serve.. regardless of the reason.

This is how free market enterprise WORKS.

If you believe in freedom of association, then you have to believe in freedom of disassociation, or you do not truly believe in freedom at all.


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