Honduran Migrants Paid In Cash

Anyone who has listened to the news over the last few weeks has heard about ‘the mob’ moving north through Mexico — every news channel covers it every day.  But, what is it we don’t hear from the media?  How are they traveling 2000 miles with no support?  Don’t they need food, water, supplies, a place to sleep, etc.?

If you watch this story unfold you should ask, how are these poorpeople traveling without a lot more than they have with them — e.g., videos showing people with little to nothing in the news.  You know someone is supporting this effort.  Would you consider traveling from California to the east coast ‘on foot‘!!?  With kids in tow?  Wouldn’t that be a bit dangerous?

This story is not what it appears to be.  This is an invasion.  Venezuela and Cuba among others are involved in this effort.  This is a war on America, and this is only the first big step toward violence.  It may sound silly pointing to Venezuela suggesting they are supporting this mass of humanity, because they themselves are poor.  But, this does not mean it is their money supporting the ‘mob’.  You see, Iran, Russia, and China are wanting to move communism world wide.  America is the one nation stopping it predominantly.

America has been fighting communism for decades — starting with Russia, then Vietnam, etc.  In order for the power hungry to get their way, they need to topple America.  And we are very close to falling toward the ‘dark side’ if we allow the socialists in this country to accomplish their goals.

Americans had better start thinking deeper and voting more often.  The ‘bubble people’ need to wake up and use their brain.  If not, we will become a Venezuela ourselves in the near future.


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