Humanitarian Crisis At The Border

The state that gives Obama so much ‘trouble’ is the state receiving the illegals. Illigals mostly from Central America are arriving by the thousands through the Mexico-Texas border and are causing havoc as Texas officials try to deal with the harrowing dilemma. Governor Rick Perry announced that the state is providing $1.3 million of taxpayer money per week until the end of the year. This amount is provided to curtail the criminal element that is pouring into our country.

Governor Perry took an image during his border tour of a center detaining thousands of unaccompanied children. He commented that “The Federal Government must fulfill constitutional duty and secure the border.”

Attorney General Greg Abbott and Republican nominee for Texas governor, Congressman Michael Burgess and US Senator Ted Cruz visited Lackland AFB in San Antonio where an approximate 1,600 children are being held. US Senator Cruz described it as a “Humanitarian Crisis and a Man Made Crisis.” When asked about the children, Senator Cruz told the reporters that they are receiving needed medical care. He also addressed the legality of the children. He said that those fleeing their country due to violence will be given asylum but those entering illegally because they expect to be given ‘permiso’ will be sent back to their respective country. Many are under the impression that they will receive ‘permiso’, permission to stay in the United States.

Senator Cruz sent a letter in support of Attorney General Abbott's June 12, 2014 letter:

I am writing to urge your full consideration of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s letter of June 12, 2014, in which he proposed the State of Texas be empowered to take decisive action to secure the southwest border during the present crisis brought on by the arrival of roughly 50,000 unaccompanied minor children.  

Listen to what attorney general Greg Abbott and Senator Cruz have to say:

Another interesting phenomenon we might ask, “Where would these children get the notion that if they journeyed to Texas they would receive ‘permiso’.” Apparently the federal government made preparations to ‘receive’ these children in January of this year. In fact, there is a government website asking for escorts for unaccompanied alien children. Why didn’t Texas see this coming?

We need to understand that the responsibility of securing the border rests on the Federal Government. Attorney General Abbott has sent a demand letter to the Obama administration to secure the border. Abbott is also asking for reimbursement for the money Texas is spending on extra reinforcements to secure our Texas border. We all know how this ‘demand’ will turn out. Our only hope is to elect a Republican President in 2016.

Pray, Fight, NEVER GIVE UP!

The Feds Prepared for the ‘Surprise’ Surge of Child Migrants Immigration authorities anticipated the consequences of Obama-administration laxity.
By Spencer Case


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