Hurricane Harvey Brings New Life

As Hurricane Harvey’s hammering floodwaters crept closer and closer to their home, Annie and her husband, Gary, became nervously anxious because, you see, Annie was pregnant and needed to get to the hospital.

But the 2-mile drive to the hospital was no longer possible due to high rising water. So they called 911, but the lines were busy.

Both doctors in training, the Smiths started preparing for a home delivery. Finally, a call to Annie’s school brought a rescue team to their door.

But the waters were still high and moving fast. Risking their own lives, numerous neighbors and firefighters formed a human life chain, passing Annie along in the raging floodwaters to a highwater truck.

A few hours later, Annie brought new life—Adrielle Smith—into the world. That is the thing about Texas, Mr. Speaker, we help each other.

That is what makes us Texas strong. Congratulations to the Smiths on the birth of their hurricane daughter, Adrielle.

And that is just the way it is. 


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