Puerto Rico, Texas Stands With You


Yesterday I offered a message of support and encouragement to Hurricanes Irma and Maria victims in Puerto Rico

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Texas has experienced an overwhelming amount of love and support for which we have all been most grateful. It has been a difficult few weeks for the Lone Star State, but we are seeing communities up and down the Gulf Coast coming together to rebuild. We know that many in Florida and Puerto Rico are enduring the same hardship – especially Puerto Rico. Texas stands with you all, you are not alone.

This week in D.C. I’ve worked with many of my colleagues, spoken to numerous partners in the private sector, and spoken many times to the White House, to express concerns over the well-being of Puerto Ricans and to make sure your voices are heard. Small businesses and private sector companies from all across our nation are gathering resources to lift up Puerto Rico in its time of need. I have spoken with FEMA and they are determined to promptly provide aid and assistance and they are working day and night, to ensure Puerto Rico’s recovery.

We are making important progress in recovery efforts, as just this morning, President Trump waived the Jones Act to help speed up the transportation process to Puerto Rico. This is good news and serves as a testament to our concern for the well-being of all Puerto Ricans. In Congress, the House and the Senate- we are standing united, ensuring that the relief you need is delivered.

It is in times like these, as Americans, we transcend our differences and demonstrate our love and compassion for one another, lifting up and supporting each other in the times of crisis.

The past week I’ve spoken with the Governor of Puerto Rico, with the former Governor of Puerto Rico, and to the people of Puerto Rico: I stand with you. Texas stands with you. And we are committed to lending a helping hand as we come together to recover. We will recover, and we will rebuild. 

Todos los puertorriqueños están en mis pensamientos y oraciones en este tiempo difícil. Estoy trabajando para asegurar que los recursos lleguen pronto. Juntos vamos a reconstruir la isla. ¡Viva Puerto Rico y Puerto Rico se levanta!

Watch my full video message here.


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