IRC To President Obama: Deploy National Guard To The Border

This week, along with the Executive Board Members of the Immigration Reform Caucus (IRC), I sent a letter to President Obama calling on the Administration to immediately issue a public statement that the immigration laws of our country will be enforced and to make at least 2,000 National Guard troops available for deployment to the US/Mexico Border.

The surge of foreign nationals on the Texas border is a direct result of this Administration’s abysmal failure to enforce the rule of law and secure the southern border. This lackadaisical border security policy has encouraged further illegal immigration and resulted in one of the greatest humanitarian crises this nation has ever seen. Children are being sent to this country illegally because despite what the President says, our border is not secure.

The Immigration Reform Caucus calls on the President to deploy at least 2,000 National Guard troops to the U.S./Mexico Border, with the possibility of more troops should worsening situations arise. Laws are laws for a reason and should be treated as such. Without the cooperation of the President, we fear that the number of people pouring into our country will keep increasing, only to further complicate and burden our local state and law enforcement agencies. The President and his Administration need to take this call to action seriously.


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