Jonathan Saenz, President of Texas Values, at Republican Club of Comal County

Jonathan Saenz was the featured speaker at the Republican Club of Comal County for the August general meeting. His message was clear: he fights for Texas Values, Faith, Family and Freedom. Texas Values focuses only on Texas. Saenz said that “if we are not able to defend our position, we will lose.” Saenz told the audience that not all attorneys general are defending marriage laws like Greg Abbott.

He filed a brief supporting Attorney General Greg Abbott on Texas Marriage Laws. The homosexuals want us to think that it’s OK to have same sex marriage, but in essence, they are about destroying marriage. He went on to say that Texas has values we can be proud of and if it’s time to redefine marriage, “let’s do it at the capital!” He absolutely believes that Democrats have declared war on Texas.

L-R Garrison Maurer, David Judson, Bill Harris, Jonathan Saenz, June Long and Mary Lou Erben

Legal Briefs Supporting Marriage at Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals




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