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A post from a friend, Angie McCosh Vogt of Tennessee...

With regard to the horrible school shooting Friday, I'd like to offer a prayerful reflection. The history of humanity is fraught with examples of unspeakable evil. The first family in Genesis was plagued with envy to the point of Cain murdering his own brother. The ancients practiced infant sacrifice to the pagan god, Molech, not unlike today's permissive abortion practice (in America, 52 million innocents burned alive in the womb).

Yet, in every age, in every generation, are multitude untold stories of courage and virtue. What compelled David to confront Goliath? Moses to face Pharoah? The colonists to demand freedom from the British? Lincoln to demand freedom for slaves? A weakened American military to confront the Japanese empire at the same time as the Third Reich?

We have more opportunities to look for the bravery and conviction of those willing to stand against evil. In today's shooting we might never hear of teachers who risked everything to protect the children in their care. Just the same, the graves of Normandy, Dachau and My Lai are memorials to the untold stories of innocents who took courageous last stands on behalf of the innocent.

The human drama that began with Genesis never really changes. Humanity is depraved AND redeemed. Friday is no worse than the Oklahoma City bombing, Pearl Harbor or Columbine. Our calling hasn't changed. We must pray for our own deliverance; we must examine our sins and failings and repent for them. We must expect that there will be more examples of human depravity as well as heroic virtue.

Turn OFF the the TV. Turn OFF the radio. Open the Scriptures. Open your hearts to the truth that is eternal. Love your children. Love the gift of life and defend life at every opportunity, lest you fall prey to the darkness.

Look to your neighbor, not to CNN or Fox News. Look for ways to be loving. The world is temporary. The love of God never rests.



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