Massacre in Las Vegas

As the band played the latest country western song, gunfire erupted from the 32nd floor window across the street. Twenty minutes later, when the shots stopped and the smoke cleared, 59 people were murdered and over 520 were wounded. 

The SWAT team quickly found the hiding place of the evil villain, and as they approached, the outlaw shot him-self. Thus, he avoided a date with the hangman.

Justice occurred. The casualties would have been much worse but for quick action by members of the crowd.

People, including former military and off-duty police officers, helped hide and cover others while endangering their own lives. The first responders, police, doctors, emergency medical technicians quickly tended to the wounded. 

These unnamed quick responders, both civilian and law enforcement, and medical, without regard to their own life, saved others. The band had stopped playing music, but the cries of the wounded and the tears of the mourning continue.

We must have prayers for Las Vegas, and God bless them one and all.

And that is just the way it is.


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