Mother's Day Message from Attorney General Greg Abbott

The following is a Mother's Day message from Attorney General Greg Abbott:

Son, husband, father. More than any title I may ever earn, these matter so much more to me.

Because of my mother, Doris, I learned that with hard work and perseverance, life’s challenges can be overcome.

After my dad died during my sophomore year of high school in Duncanville, my mom went to work to make ends meet. She started as a secretary and receptionist at a local real estate office.

Like so many Texans, my mom had bigger dreams for her family, for my brother, Gary, and me. So she broke out the books and began studying for her real estate license.

I’ve always been proud to be my mother’s son. Not only did she give me the gift of life, she taught me how to stand strong.

And because of my wife of 32 years, Cecilia, I learned the true meaning of love and commitment. From the moment I saw her sitting at the piano in the dorm at the University of Texas at Austin, my life changed.

After the accident that left me paralyzed, it was from Cecilia that I first gained strength. Together, we prayed. She showed me then, as she does still today as a wife and a mother, that love and commitment conquer all. I am grateful each day that she is by my side, my partner in life and love, always.

Together with our daughter, Audrey, I am blessed to still be learning.

On this Mother’s Day, as on every day, I think of my mother. To all the mothers of today, especially Cecilia and her mother, mi suegra, and to all the mothers-to-be of tomorrow, thank you for helping us learn to be better sons and daughters, better husbands, and better fathers.

Have a blessed Mother’s Day.


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