‘MoveRight.TV’ Internet TV Channel for Conservative Diversity Outreach Set to Launch April 15

Today on tax day, we remember the series of abuses that the IRS has done to Americans. New Internet TV channel MOVERight.TV is a unique portal for ‘Conservative Diversity…American Values' where all Americans can feel comfortable sharing and interacting around programming produced around constitutional principles. Below is the press release about the launch of MOVERight.TV:

Washington, D.C. – TV Worldwide, since 1999, a pioneering web-based global TV network, announced that it has been selected by PMP TV, Inc. to produce and launch the MoveRight.TV Internet TV Channel at www.MoveRight.TV. The channel was soft-launched as a beta test platform on in mid-February of 2015 in preparation for the channel’s introduction and initial media coverage and content creation at the 2015 CPAC Conference in Washington, D.C. The MoveRight.TV Internet TV Channel is scheduled for full launch on Tax Day, Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 2 PM ET during a webcast from the MoveRight.TV anchor desk at TV Worldwide studios near Washington, D.C.

“We are pleased to have been selected by PMP TV to support this effort,” said Dave Gardy, Chairman and CEO of TV Worldwide. “TV Worldwide has a long history of producing Internet TV webcasts and programming across the political spectrum, including the first webcast of a major party convention at the 2000 Democratic Convention in Los Angeles. We have produced Internet TV programming for Mark Warner, Frank Caprio, Frank Wolf and Ken Cuccinelli, and have developed expertise in building target demographic audience databases in the process. We look forward to producing programming to support PMP TV’s effort to produce webcasts and programming for their conservative diversity outreach on MoveRight.TV.”

In addition to live and on-demand webcast coverage of conservative events, MoveRight.TV will feature its own programming focused on conservative diversity outreach, as well as aggregating recommended content from the web that highlights individuals and organizations in diverse communities who share conservative values. With the channel’s tagline, ‘Conservative Diversity…American Values’, PMP TV’s intention is to build a unique portal where all Americans can feel comfortable sharing and interacting around programming produced around constitutional principles.

Wednesday’s MoveRight.TV launch webcast will feature several prominent conservative activists. They include:

  • Adryana Boyne, National Director of VOCES Action, a non-profit 501(c)4 organization which informs, educates and empowers Latinos with conservative values. Adryana was featured in the movie Unfair which documented how the IRS targeted organizations applying for non-profit status.
  • Colin Hanna, President of Let Freedom Ring USA, Inc., which has an initiative to Sunset the Tax Code by January 1, 2020.
  • Cherylyn Harley Lebon, Co-Chairman of the National Advisory Board for Project 21, the National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives.

News site Opportunity Lives recently featured MoveRight.TV in an article by writer and political analyst Carrie Sheffield on the channel’s plan for conservative diversity outreach, which can be accessed here.

About TV Worldwide
Founded in 1999, TV Worldwide.com, Inc. (t/a TV Worldwide, Inc., www.TVWorldwide.com) is a veteran-owned Internet TV solutions company that developed the first network of community-based Internet TV channels, primarily targeting niche enterprise/professional audiences ranging from the maritime industry to the telecom and federal/public sectors. Known by many in the industry as "Intelligent Internet TV," Fortune 500 companies, 35 federal government agencies, and numerous associations including the National Association of Broadcasters have partnered with TV Worldwide to utilize TV Worldwide's live and on-demand state-of-the art video streaming content applications and Internet TV channels. In recognition of the company's pioneering unique achievements in new media solutions and content development, TV Worldwide has been selected by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) to webcast past Daytime Emmy Awards and the Emmy awards for Technology and Engineering. TV Worldwide Chairman and CEO Dave Gardy, has been honored by Streaming Media Magazine as one of the 25 Most Influential People in Streaming Media. Mr. Gardy also has served as the President of the International Webcasting Association (IWA) and as a member of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund Corporate Council.

About PMP TV, Inc.
PMP TV,Inc. is the parent network of MoveRight.TV. The company was recently launched to research and develop new strategies for communicating conservative concepts to the widest possible audience of America’s diverse communities. For more information, please email [email protected]


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