NDO Passes - San Antonio "Transformed"

Thursday, September 5, 2013 San Antonio City Council passed the non discrimination ordinance that violates our First Amendment Rights, our Right of Conscience. In spite of the fact that the majority of concerned citizens opposed the NDO, it passed with an 8-3 vote. Only three members of the City Council voted against the unjust ordinance, Ivy Taylor D2, Elisa Chan D9 and Carlton Soules D10. These three council members were brave enough to stand for their principles and the First Amendment, the Right of Conscience and will surely pay the price.

The Catholics on the council all capitulated and voted for the ordinance, even though Archbishop Gustavo Garcia Siller had sent them a cautionary message. It seems that so many Catholics are extremely ignorant of the basic tenets of their faith. Excerpt from Archbishop’s letter: "The development of laws or policies promoting and enhancing the dignity of the human person is a noble goal, one worthy of a just society. However, society must also avoid establishing civil laws and policies conflicting with natural moral law, destabilizing the family, or infringing on human and constitutional rights."

City council members stated that they had had ‘dialogue’ with Archbishop Gustavo Garcia Siller and Father Yanta. Sad to say they all seemed to think that the archbishop had given them the ‘green’ light to vote FOR the ordinance. Not true, but the fact is that the archbishop’s stance was so weak that his flock chose to go with Mayor Julian Castro, a stronger and more aggressive leader. The Archbishop had it in his power to change the course of history in San Antonio but chose rather to be ‘politically correct’.

As far as I know, none of the parish priests informed their parishioners of the San Antonio non discrimination ordinance. It is up to the lay person in San Antonio and elsewhere to keep the traditional Catholic Church alive because the silence coming from the Archbishop is deafening. I am afraid that all the counties in the archdiocese will follow suit. Twitter was all aglow with some pretty ugly messages directed at those who opposed the NDO. The Democrats are targeting San Marcos next and then the rest of Texas. Blue Texas is on the horizon.

Attorney Allen Parker from the Justice Foundation spoke against the proposed ordinance citing the fact that it was a, "discriminatory ordinance and it will criminalize".

The black community led by Pastor Charles Flowers voiced a loud and clear message that the NDO was wrong for San Antonio and that the Civil Rights Movement was not meant to be used on the HLGC, ‘homosexual, lesbian gender confused community’. A real hero in the eyes of the black community and a hero for all those opposed to losing our religious liberty and freedom of speech.

Patrick Von Dohlen, president of the San Antonio Family Association shocked the LGBTs present when he gave his testimony. His testimony consisted of graphically describing the homosexual man on man sexual act.

“There is no marital bond, and when one man's penis enters an anus, an exit hole used to rid toxic waste from the body, no unification happens and there can be no pro-creation, no life, no good, but there can be fecal matter enter the urethra of the one paramours penises. Diseases can and do happen. This last mentioned act is NOT natural and very unhealthy and can lead to serious health problems. When I visited with Councilman Bernal this past Saturday, he asked me, surely you're not placing the syphilis epidemic in SA on homosexuals?"

"The latest report from Metro Health refutes Bernal's rhetoric.. It's actually 92% of all syphilis cases in Bexar County are originating due to male sex with males.”

The graphics Von Dohlen projected showed how rampant syphilis has become and how HIV is spreading in San Antonio. You should have heard the gasps and boos coming from the RED side. Priceless!

The most disturbing testimony was from Sister Elizabeth Riebschlaeger. She proudly announced to all present that she was a Sister of Charity from the Incarnate Word in San Antonio and that she spoke on ‘behalf’ of all the Sisters of Charity. As a Catholic nun she stood in front of the council and 500 people and said she was FOR the NDO. (More information on this later.)

This last session of the city council on the issue of the NDO brought a little over 500 people, the RED sat on the Left side and the BLUE sat on the Right side. It was evenly divided. The testimony of approximately 120 was heard. I was number 111 and I gave my one minute to Jody Sherrill. He is a member of the San Antonio Planning Commission and was concerned about the stability of his position because he had spoken against the NDO. He also said that the NDO “was eroding the concept of right and wrong.”

The issue of the public restrooms was not made very clear. There was a discussion between Councilman Soules and the city attorney Michael Bernard. They spoke about biological sex at birth determining usage of public restrooms. But the transgender individuals want to be able to use the restroom of their choice. So we wait and see what will ‘evolve’.

The quiet and friendly city where I grew up, and spent most of my life is no more. As Obama would say, “It has been transformed!” Even more devastating to me than the passage of the NDO is the complete change of attitude the city has embraced. This ordinance will certainly continue to divide San Antonio in the coming years and the unintended consequences will follow.





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