NUNZIO PREVITERA the only Republican on the Ballot – TXHD123

Nunzio Previtera, is the only Republican on the ballot for Texas House District 123. He and his wife, Penny, have one son, Mike, and one daughter, Jennifer and are blessed with six grandchildren. He is the small business owner of Integrity Insurance Agency and a certified risk manager. He believes that small businesses are the engines that pull the economic train in San Antonio.

According to the latest population analysis of HD123, January 13, 2015, there are 175,674 residents in HD123 with Hispanics 70.6%, whites 23.6% and blacks 4.6%. He is campaigning to reduce property taxes for residents and businesses alike. He supports school choice and believes it is the parents’ rights to choose the schools their children attend. He is Pro Life and believes our Southern border should be secured and that ‘Big Brother’ government should be kept out of Texas.

The Republican Party of Texas has come out in support of Previtera as has his own Bexar County Republican Party. His campaign manager, Marian Stanko, proudly reminded me that Governor Greg Abbott supports him.

Previtera placed second in the Special Election and the originator of the San Antonio Non Discrimination Ordinance, Diego Bernal came in first. If you remember flaming liberal Bernal gave rise to the LBGT community wanting equal rights which of course, includes using the restrooms for transgender individuals.

If we want our conservative values to prosper, we must support Nunzio Previtera and GOTV, Get Out the Vote. The winner will be the candidate who can get more people to the polls. The choice is clear either HD123 wants a liberal like Bernal that will promote more spending, taxpayer taxation, abortion and same sex marriage or someone like Previtera who will be fiscally responsible and grow the economy and will promote life and traditional marriage.

Early voting starts on Monday, February 9 with the Runoff Special Election on Tuesday, February 17, 2015. If we really want San Antonio to change from its liberal position to a more conservative stance, make sure you tell your friends and neighbors in HD123 to vote.

Previtera needs your vote and your financial assistance. Please mail your contribution to 2634 Kerrybrook Ct, San Antonio, Texas 78230. If you have any questions about the campaign please call 210 524 5130.

Pray, Fight, NEVER GIVE UP!


Texas House District Map 123


Previtera surprises everyone but himself with election showing


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