The Obama Administration’s Failure to Protect Christians Around the World

Last August, President Obama signed a bill into law creating the State Department position of Special Envoy to Promote Religious Freedom of Religious Minorities in the Near East and South Central Asia. It’s been over a year, but the Obama Administration still hasn’t nominated someone for the role.

This comes at a time when Christians and other religious minorities are being targeted around the world. A recent headline in the New York Times Magazine asked, “Is This the End of Christianity in the Middle East? ISIS and other extremist movements across the region are enslaving, killing and uprooting Christians, with no aid in sight.” The report specifically mentioned, “ISIS is looking to eradicate Christians and other minorities altogether.” In an opinion piece in the Washington Post, Charles Krauthammer recently wrote, “Christianity, whose presence in the Middle East predates Islam’s by 600 years, is about to be cleansed from the Middle East.” Before it’s too late, the Obama Administration must do more to defeat and destroy ISIS while protecting Christians and religious minorities around the world.


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