One Step Closer to Justice for Fort Hood Victims

I spoke on the Senate floor today on a provision in the FY2015 Defense Authorization bill making victims of the November 2009 terrorist attack at Fort Hood eligible to receive the Purple Heart. 

“Shortly after the attack, it became clear that Hasan was motivated by the same poisonous ideology that spurred the attacks on September the 11th, 2001. In other words, this was an act of domestic terrorism. Yet, due to the narrow and outdated definition of quote ‘international terrorism,’ the Fort Hood victims have not been awarded the same medals and recognition as other military victims of terrorism.

When our men and women in uniform come under hostile fire from a terrorist, they and their families should receive the full honors and the full recognition and the benefits that accompany such courageous service. That's why I've authored legislation here in the Senate making these victims of the November 2009 attack at Fort Hood eligible to receive the Purple Heart or the civilian equivalent.

Let me just say the close-knit community at Fort Hood has endured great loss in recent years and I'm pleased we're now just one step closer to delivering this important piece of justice to the victims and their families, and it's my hope that once the Defense Authorization bill clears this chamber that the President will act quickly in signing this legislation into law because any further delay is a continuing injustice to all of the victims from that day and indeed all of the good people at Fort Hood.


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