One Year After Chaotic Afghanistan Withdrawal, Threat Of Terror Attacks Is Higher Than Ever

Monday, I released a statement on the one-year anniversary of President Biden’s chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal:

Today marks one year since President Biden’s chaotic and shameful Afghanistan withdrawal that allowed the Taliban to quickly reassert control over the country for the first time in 20 years, and resulted in the killing of 13 U.S. service members and at least 170 Afghans in an ISIS-K orchestrated terrorist attack.

I have been vigilant in holding the Biden Administration accountable for this disaster. I am proud to have helped bring over 600 Afghani pilots, servicemembers, and their families to safety—including family members from Texas-11. Additionally, the bill I authored to assess the threat of freed terrorists has been signed into law, and my efforts have forced the Biden Administration to report on the number of known and suspected terrorists crossing the southern border.

The U.S. spent nearly two decades expending blood and treasure fighting the Taliban, denying Al Qaeda a terrorist stronghold, instituting democratic values, and building relationships with our Afghan partners.

Sadly, the threat of future terror attacks on American citizens is now higher than ever. I will remain vigilant in calling attention to the record numbers of known and suspected terrorists and got-aways crossing our southern border, as well as the resurgence of terror groups abroad.

We will not forget the sacrifice of all of the American heroes—service members, veterans, and the families of those who served and gave their all in Afghanistan. If you are struggling, please reach out to the Veterans Crisis Line (Dial 9-8-8) anytime, day or night, for free and confidential support. You are not alone. Our district and country stand with you.


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