Panetta Testimony Shows Incompetence

Could you imagine what the reaction of the news media would be if a Republican President had been AWOL during a major crisis, not communicating with key defense personnel? In September, four Americans were killed by terrorists, and now we are learning from the Secretary of Defense that the President essentially threw up his arms and told his defense secretary to do whatever was needed and then took the rest of the evening off. He never even bothered to call the Secretary of Defense for an update. Nor did the Secretary of State ever request any support from the Secretary of Defense. So Hillary Clinton went AWOL as well, and neither the Secretary of Defense, along with the joint Chief of staff, was given any real instructions on what to do.

What do we make of this? The first thing that comes through was Obama's detachment from the whole affair as if it was someone else's problem to deal with it. It is now becoming clearer why both the Secretary of State and the President latched on to the story that violence was caused by a YouTube video. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama shirked their own responsibility while four Americans were under attack. The second thing was that this administration was not ready to deal with a real emergency, something that is troubling since we are stuck with Obama for four more years. The failure of major cabinet officers not communicating with each other is more than troubling, it shows a White House in disarray.

If it was known at the time that President Obama and the Secretary of State did not act, nor did they follow up with the Secretary of Defense to see all that could be done to save those Americans lives, the dynamics of the Presidential race may have been changed. Just a few days after telling the world that Bin Laden was dead and GM was alive, we now find that not only was Al Qaeda still alive, but that the President simply either panicked since he did not know what to do, or he simply wanted to avoid any rash acts that could cost him the election.

The media's failure, then and now, to properly cover the tragedy of Benghazi showed that the media was and still is in the tank for Obama and will be for Clinton. The media's reluctance to pursue this story is having its own consequences since we have no clue as to what truly happened behind closed door during that fateful day when four Americans died. We are now seeing a picture of a White House in not just in disarray, but in total collapse during a crucial foreign policy event. The idea that a Secretary of State was so far out of the loop while her own Ambassador was being killed or that a President was not keeping up with what was happening on the ground is mind-boggling.

If what Leon Panetta or General Martin Dempsey are saying is true, neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama was ready to deal with the crisis, or they simply punted a crucial foreign policy to the Defense Department. It shows that neither Obama nor Clinton was ready to do that proverbial 3 am call. This is hardly a ringing endorsement for either, but then again Obama won his race, but Hillary still has one more race left in her. This shows that Hillary has no business being President. But as Hillary stated during her own testimony, what difference does it make? In the case of Benghazi, the difference was four lives.



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