Pete Sessions Applauds House Passage of National Security and Job Protection Act

The House approved the National Security and Job Protection Act this week, which requires President Obama to submit a plan to replace the sequester scheduled to take effect in January 2013:

House Republicans have worked diligently to replace the sequester – arbitrary across-the-board spending cuts that would contribute to the fiscal cliff, threaten our national security, deprive our nation’s troops of critical resources and cause massive layoffs. Earlier this year, we passed a package of spending reductions and reforms to take the place of the dangerous cuts, and approved the Sequestration Transparency Act to prepare for the sequester in the event that the Administration refuses to act. Last week, the Administration irresponsibly missed the legal deadline for reporting to Congress on how it plans to implement these cuts.

There is a bipartisan agreement that the sequester is bad policy, yet House Republicans are the only ones who have presented and passed a plan to replace the devastating cuts to our national defense and key domestic priorities. The National Security and Job Protection Act requires the Administration to submit a replacement plan to Congress by October 15, 2012. Our servicemen and women – and all Americans – deserve more from their President than for him to continually neglect to offer a proposal to replace these harmful cuts.



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