Police File Felony Complaint Against Mineral Wells, TX Councilwoman for Interference with Child Custody

Brandon Johnson just wants to see his kids, but Mineral Wells City Council Member Regan Johnson has kept his kids from him since June 2020, which is a State Jail Felony. Not only is it illegal, it is just plain wrong to alienate a parent from their children in violation of a court order.

The irony is that Regan Johnson is running for Mayor of Mineral Wells unopposed after getting her opponent removed from the race over a felony. Welcome to the circus where the evidence shows that the presumed mayor is committing a felony after her opponent was removed from the mayoral race over a felony. There must be something wrong with those minerals in the well water over there if a councilmember committing a felony is acceptable.

Regan Johnson is not only a leader in the city as a council member, she is the presumed mayor. As Mayor, will Regan oppose laws being followed in the city of Mineral Wells? Or will she just use her position to oppose the laws from being followed when it comes to her? What an embarrassment for the city of Mineral Wells and the Great State of Texas.

I reached out to Regan Johnson a few days ago on Facebook messenger to get her side of the story, but she has not responded.

There is a court order in a child custody battle between Brandon Johnson and Regan Johnson. The court order states that both Regan and Brandon get possession and access with their children on the specified days and times in the order. Since June 2020, Regan Johnson has kept their children from Brandon during his court ordered times of possession and access. She has not simply kept them an extra day here and there or brought them back late. She has completely prevented Brandon from seeing his kids at all in several months.

Texas Penal Code 25.03 states that:

 “(a) A person commits an offense if the person takes or retains a child younger than 18 years of age:

(1) when the person knows that the person's taking or retention violates the express terms of a judgment or order, including a temporary order, of a court disposing of the child's custody;”

Now I know what you are thinking, maybe there is a valid reason? Regan hasn’t alleged any family violence or even made any accusations against Brandon which would legally allow her to keep the children from him after a court has determined him to be a fit parent and granted him possession and access.

Brandon Johnson shows up to get his kids during his court ordered time, only to be turned away by Regan without any valid reason. That is illegal, plain and simple.

Brandon called the police and reported the crime. The following picture shows a police report of the complaint filed by Brandon Johnson for Interference with Child Custody for one of the denials here in October 2020.

Brandon Johnson also did a live video when he went to get the children so as to document the denial by Regan Johnson. Jeff Morgan is an advocate for stopping Family Court Corruption in Texas and he was there in October with Brandon at one of the denials as support and to witness to the felony interference with child custody.

The Mineral Wells Texas Police Chief has stated to Brandon that he has filed the felony complaints with the District Attorney and that it is in the hands of the Palo Pinto District Attorney, Kriste Burnett, whether or not to prosecute Regan Johnson. If DA Kriste Burnett believes in law and order and the duty to seek justice, she will take up this Felony complaint and not just sweep it under the rug.

Texas needs equal parenting laws to help stop a crisis that has crippled society and hurt kids. Kids need BOTH of their parents and they don’t need to be pawns in a game of family court being fought over by parents. They deserve both parents equally as the new starting point in custody cases when both parents are fit, willing and able and the judge has appointed both parents as joint managing conservators. Having equal parenting laws will cut out a lot, if not most, of the bitter battles that hurt kids. Kids are being torn apart by current law which incentivizes one parent to think that kids don’t need to see both parents and try to keep the kids from the other parent. When both parents are deemed fit, willing and able (no abusers), then the new starting point should be equal custody. The parents will just have to get along and do what is best for the kids and will have to share time with the kids equally. Parents won’t fight nearly as much to be the parent with “more time” if the law says they just have to share parenting time equally, and the kids are the winners! The stats are startling that kids without both parents, particularly kids without fathers, make up most teen crime, teen drug use, teen suicide, teen pregnancies, and more. Texas Family Code must change and Texas must pass equal parenting laws now in order to stop this crisis, which I would say has impacted and harmed many more lives, especially children, than the covid-19 coronavirus.


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