Pope Francis’ Message Inspires Us to Protect the Dignity of Each Person, Born and Unborn

It was an honor to have Pope Francis address Congress. It was a powerful call for all of us to set aside pettiness and partisan divides and come together with shared values to solve the very real challenges facing this country, and I hope that is a message that is heard on both sides of the aisle.

Pope Francis is a powerful voice for life. He is powerful voice for marriage. He is a powerful voice for religious liberty. Pope Francis is a great spiritual leader, and his message inspires us to work tirelessly to protect the dignity of each person, born and unborn, and to, like President Lincoln and Reverend King, pursue justice for all, and to engage in public dialog with humility and wisdom.

Right now, as Pope Francis highlighted, the family is threatened from within and without. It is our duty to cultivate the ‘richness and the beauty of the family life’ that is ‘essential to the building of this country.’ I hope his words renewed our resolve to inspire our young people to rekindle the dream that has made this the land of the free.


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