Recognizing and Remembering Our Veterans

Friday, we celebrated Veterans Day, honoring veterans who have served our nation. That morning, I attended the Port Aransas High School Veterans Day program. In addition to honoring all of the Port Aransas veterans, this year's event was renamed to remembered its founder, Dr. Bill Lehmann, a former Air Force scientist, who passed away earlier this year at age 91. In the early 1990s, Dr. Lehmann held the first Port Aransas H.S. Veterans Day ceremonies. You can read more about Dr. Lehmann’s legacy here.

After the Port Aransas event, I headed over to the USS Lexington for the annual Veterans Day ceremony. During the ceremony, I reminded those there we owe the freedoms we enjoy today to those who fought to defend them. I also discussed problems with the Veterans Administration and how Congress is working to fix them with legislation like Veterans Choice, which allows veterans to see private physicians if the VA cannot provide an appointment within 30 days or the closest VA doctor or facility is over 40 miles away. I also reminded people that my team of Red Tape Cutters are there to help veterans having problems with the VA, as well as anyone having a problem with the federal government. To end the ceremony, I joined in laying a wreath in remembrance of all who have served our great nation.

Veterans Day is a powerful reminder of the importance of honoring and keeping our promises to our veterans. I have talked with thousands of veterans who risked their life fighting for our nation only to be treated poorly on their return. This is why I have made one of my priorities in Congress to ensure veterans in the 27th District of Texas and nationwide are given the respect and care they earned. Earlier this year, I organized two veterans summits that provided more than 200 veterans with assistance identifying available resources, filing a claim and answering common questions. My staff and I remain committed to ensuring veterans receive the best care possible and are properly recognized for their service. If you, or someone you know, is having issues with the VA, I encourage you to contact my Red Tape Cutters here. 


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