Religious Cleansing Against Christians

The Roman Empire was notorious in its massacre of Christians 2,000 years ago. Now Christians are once again facing deadly persecution. Barbaric terrorist groups like ISIS are stalking and attacking Christians wherever they find them. Christians are disappearing, and some are fleeing countries like Syria and Iraq, home to Christians since the days of early Christianity.

ISIS boasts of brutally killing and enslaving thousands of Christians. There are more and more reports of ISIS sex-trafficking young girls that are stolen away from their Christian parents. ISIS even posts videos online of their barbaric beheading of Christians.

Why the hate, kidnapping, and murder? Because Christians will not renounce their Christian faith. The world, and the United States in particular, needs to denounce the murder of people based on their religious beliefs, whether Christians, Jews, or Muslims.

We cannot accept nor tolerate ISIS' genocide of Christians. Justice demands ISIS be held accountable for their crimes of religious cleansing.

And that is just the way it is.


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