Rep. Culberson Pledges His Support of ME TOO Congress Act of 2017

Yesterday, I signed on to H.R. 4396, the Member and Employee Training and Oversight On Congress (ME TOO Congress) Act of 2017. This pivotal legislation will provide transparency to the sexual harassment settlement process by requiring the Office of Compliance to submit an annual report to Congress, as well as publish it on their website, identifying each office that paid out an award or settlement as a result of a violation in the Congressional Accountability Act. Additionally, this bill would require Members of Congress who are accused of perpetrating the assault to reimburse the Treasury directly in the amount of the settlement.

I was sickened to learn that Members of Congress have been using taxpayer funds to reach settlements for sexual harassment claims. Under current law, the process to file a claim is confusing, time consuming and full of obstacles for victims. As Members of Congress we have a responsibility to remain accountable and transparent to our constituents.  It’s crucial that we create and maintain an environment where everyone feels safe. Anything less is unacceptable. I’m proud to sign on to the ME TOO Congress Act of 2017 and urge my colleagues to do the same.


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