Rep. Roy’s statement on the 20th anniversary of 9/11

On Saturday, I issued the following statement on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11:

Twenty years ago, today, evil showed its face in the form of jihadist Al Qaeda terrorists, launching a coordinated attack on the American people, our homeland, and our way of life.

On that horrific day, we witnessed the fall of the World Trade Center’s twin towers, destruction of the Pentagon, and the tragic but courageous deaths of the passengers aboard United flight 93.

Ever since, we vowed as a nation to never forget and have dedicated ourselves to the remembrance of those brave heroes.  In response to the worst of humanity, we saw the best of America.

We remember all those who sacrificed their lives in the midst of that attack in service to their fellow Americans.

We remember the first responders who rushed into the burning twin towers to save their fellow citizens and continued to climb floor after floor knowing many wouldn’t make it out alive.

We remember the brave passengers on United Flight 93 who heroically rushed the cockpit to regain control of the hijacked plane and prevented it from hitting the designated target in Washington, D.C., saving countless lives.

We remember our courageous men and women in uniform, who — along with their families —answered the call to defend our nation and took the fight to the radical Islamic forces in Afghanistan.

And with them, we remember our sacred, foundational principles of liberty and equality, given to us by God Almighty, defended by our servicemembers, and a cause worth preserving.

Some may now be wondering what they fought for. But the price for our liberty that has been paid in toil and blood by those who did their jobs and kept their promises will never be forgotten.  Because, though politicians fail, the American people are always ready and willing to step up and make necessary sacrifices for the cause of freedom.

When faced with adversity in the days to come, may we never cower in fear, but respond with valor, boldly fighting to restore the inheritance and birthright of liberty preserved by previous generations.

Today is yet another reminder that we are charged with the preservation of our liberty right now. And so may we take this occasion to rededicate ourselves to remain vigilant in our fight against terrorism and tyranny, to never surrender to the enemies of liberty, and to defend the greatest nation in the history of the world.



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