RIP: Three Great Losses, One You Know, The Other Two You Should Have

The world lost three outstanding people, Charles Krauthammer, Fox News commentator and columnist, James T. Evans, lawyer and long time key Republican leader and Rafael Arbisser, educator with a world of experience, born in 1924.

Let us share what we have lost in these three:

First, Charles, who was a brilliant commentator and columnist. He won a Pulitzer Prize for his efforts, I had the privilege of being with him on a few occasions where one can't help but be awed at his brilliance. By the way, he was also a commonsense conservative, but he wasn't reluctant to rip conservatives too, from his perch at Fox News. His parting comments are especially compelling, "I leave this life with no regrets. It was a wonderful life, full and complete with the great loves and great endeavors that make it worth living."

Next, James T. Evans, a larger than life personality. Jim was a fine lawyer and a principled citizen involved in politics. I got to know Jim when he served in the leadership of the Harris County Republican Party from 1996 - 2002 (coinciding with my Chairmanship). Jim was someone who did not mince words, he cut through the bull, which is found in politics and stood up for his principles, that were usually conservative. He also told it like it was, no matter how important the person was. To those who knew Jim it was truly a blessing. Giants such as Jim are not easily replaced.

Third, Rafael Arbisser, someone many of you didn't know, but a wonderful educator with an extraordinary history. "Raffi" was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1924 into poverty. Fortunately for him, his family moved to Palestine pre-World War II, through most miss the Holocaust in Europe. In Palestine (Israel), he joined the Palmach and fought to defend his people from Arab attacks. After the war he came to New York and became an outstanding Jewish educator and leader in his field. His handprint can be found in establishing day camps, youth transport to Israel, organizing a Museum of Judaica in Houston. He retired at 55 and moved back to Jerusalem for twenty-two years and was again involved educating children. He would be called by President Bush, as one of the thousand points of light. They aren't making them like Raffi anymore, too bad for us.


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