Rush Limbaugh's Extraordinary Wisdom On Male-Female Relations

Last week as the swirling firestorm of reported sexual harassment of women by men in many prominent walks of life - Hollywood, the Media and politicians. Rush Limbaugh offered some needed thoughtful comments:

"Forget sex, gender, and all of that. I'm just assessing where our culture is going. And it's because of the politicization of everything, because we have politicized relationships now. We have politicized the way men and women interact. That all began with feminism in the modern era of the late sixties. We politicize everything. The NFL is politicized, you name it, and it's all politicized now. And so since it's politicized, those who use politics as a weapon then seize on everything that occurs and they use it as a weapon."

"And so now male-female, man-woman, boy-girl relationships end up being weaponized by the people who have an agenda attached to them.

"There's gonna be a time where somebody totally innocent is accused of this and isn't gonna have a photo that would disprove it. So I'm just alerting you. I mean, you know how paralyzing the allegation of racism is. And you know how the whole subject of race, even though we have gone to war, even though 500,000-plus Americans have died to end slavery, we may as well have not taken one step toward ending slavery as the entire subject of race is used as a political weapon in America today.

"And because of the immediate benefits, the perceived immediate benefits here politically of identifying somebody as a reprobate or a thug or a pig, you name it, the politically oriented are glomming onto this, and it has the potential of spiraling way out of control because, as you know, not every one of us is clean and pure as the wind-driven snow."

No one should be subject to sexual harassment. So how do we ensure healthy dating relationships while protected against the harassment?


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